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1260 Davis St
San Jose, CA 95126


The San Jose Greek Festival takes place annually on the weekend immediately following Memorial Day. It's a lively atmosphere providing entertainment for all ages. Whether it's young families looking for a safe and fun day activity, or adults of any age looking to enjoy delicious food and refreshing drinks, the Greek Festival is always an excellent choice. 

Experience the culture and hospitality of the Greek people in an outdoor, open market setting under the beautiful sunshine of San Jose, California. Just about everything served at the festival is homemade by local Greeks, using family recipes that have been used for generations, meaning you’ll have a truly authentic experience! Live music and award-winning dance groups will be onsite all weekend for your entertainment.

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The word "music" comes from the Ancient Greek word, "mousa", as in the nine Muses of Zeus, which included music and dance. We are home to award winning dance groups and musicians, and they are here to provide live entertainment during the entire weekend of the festival. Take a seat to enjoy the show, or try to learn a dance or two during one of our free dance lessons. Opa!

Mythos Band has played at various Greek festivals all over the country. From Sacramento, California, to Anchorage, Alaska, they really know how to get the party started! A lead singer with an incredible voice, a skillfully played Bouzouki, drums, guitar, and the occasional keytar make for an exciting festival experience! 

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Our local dance groups practice throughout the year to perfect the steps of their performances. Most have been learning Greek dancing since early childhood, as seen in our tiniest of dancers. They participate every year in a national Greek Folk Dance competition, and consistently are awarded top marks. Everything from wedding dances, to war dances, and even modern dancing that is just for fun is learned and performed during the festival. They dance in handmade costumes which are all unique to the various regions of Greece as well. Every stitch has a purpose, ever step has meaning, and every beat of the drum echoes in our hearts. Opa, paidia!