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1260 Davis St
San Jose, CA 95126


The San Jose Greek Festival takes place annually on the weekend immediately following Memorial Day. It's a lively atmosphere providing entertainment for all ages. Whether it's young families looking for a safe and fun day activity, or adults of any age looking to enjoy delicious food and refreshing drinks, the Greek Festival is always an excellent choice. 

Experience the culture and hospitality of the Greek people in an outdoor, open market setting under the beautiful sunshine of San Jose, California. Just about everything served at the festival is homemade by local Greeks, using family recipes that have been used for generations, meaning you’ll have a truly authentic experience! Live music and award-winning dance groups will be onsite all weekend for your entertainment.

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Greece has a culinary history that spans over 4,000 years. We serve authentic, traditional food using methods and recipes that have been in families for generations that honor our history. Philoxenia, or hospitality, anchors all of our meals, while herbs like oregano, bay laurel, mint, and rosemary, with touches of lemon and garlic blend together with lamb, vegetables, and most importantly olive oil, to balance our cuisine.



Athenian Salad - Cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, green peppers with feta cheese, and olives, with an olive oil, vinegar, and herb dressing.

Calamari – Seasoned and battered deep fried squid, served with lemon wedges.

Tyropites – Mixture of cheeses and herbs, baked in layers of filo pastry and served hot.

Spanakopites – Fresh spinach with feta cheese and herbs, baked in layers of filo pastry.

Dolmathes – Ground beef, rice, and herbs wrapped in grape leaves and topped with a lemon sauce.

Tiganites Patates – Deep fried potatoes sprinkled with herbs. Can’t stop eating these!

Chicken Reganati - Tender chicken baked with wonderful herbs and lemon sauce.

Mousaka – Layers of eggplant, flavorful meat sauce, and cheese, topped with a light bechamel sauce and baked golden brown.

Pastitsio – A combination of macaroni, fragrant meat sauce, and cheese topped with bechamel!

Lamb Shank - Slow oven roasted lamb shank and served with orzo.

Stuffed Bell Pepper and Tomato – We call it "yemista"! Cooked bell peppers and/or tomatoes, stuffed with rice and herbs. A great vegetarian dish!

Arni Psito –  Pit roasted lamb seasoned to perfection.

Gyro Sandwiches – Spicy and savory pressed meat served with tomatoes and cucumber sauce in Greek pita bread.

Veggie Gyro -  A traditional Gyro with substituted fries in place of meat. Try it, you’ll like it!

Loukaniko – Barbecued spicy Greek sausage sprinkled with lemon juice, served in pita bread.

Souvlakia – Succulent pork, marinated, skewered, and barbecued.

Grilled Lamb Chops from Evvia and Kokkari- Succulent lamb chops seasoned to perfection, provided by the world renowned Greek Restaurants. Served with rice pilaf; a side salad comes seperate at an additional cost.